From now on you can rely on the app to communicate messages via mobile phones more secure and simpler of market. Developed by computer engineers and experts in information security of renowned Brazilian educational institution, the app MySecreTxt lets you use the media most used in the world, Short Message Service, or SMS as known, ensuring that only your contacts have access to the contents of the messages exchanged. Whether corporate, business or personal, everyone should have this guarantee. Using the app originally installed on any mobile phone, the messages are totally in clear over the network of mobile operators and can be monitored, stored and intercepted authorized or not, with the knowledge or not the operators themselves. MySecreTxt is a simple, effective and extremely affordable for phones with operating systems Apple iOS (iPhone mobiles) and Google Android (Android phones). Just download from the Apple Store or Google Play and instead use the MySecreTxt rather than the native program of cell phones.

Free & Premium

The MySecreTxt app is available in two versions: free and complete (Premium). The free version is made so that you can test before buying, if desired: just allow the registration of one contact safe and have advertisements (ads). In the Premium version you can register unlimited security contacts and has no advertising.


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To ensure SECURE COMMUNICATION, MySecreTxt uses modern encryption algorithms and uses only the SMS service to perform key exchange, not depending on any external server or network usage data (GPRS, 3G or 4G) operators or WiFi Access Point. A minimal coverage by the network operator is sufficient to perform the exchange of messages by MySecreTxt. The app has backup and restore feature that allows restoring contacts and messages in case of replacement the device and/or reinstalling. A backup file is sent by email to keep you as you prefer. To restore, just send an email back to be read in device and click the backup file that it will be restored. It is recommended to perform this procedure periodically or whenever there is any change in safe contacts. The procedures are different between the iOS and Android systems. To know the differences see the FAQ.

Screens of the iOS

Screens of the Android


The menu has the functions of sending SMS (or iMessage in case of iPhones) for secure contact activated, manage contacts, manage messages and change settings MySecreTxt.


To access the app, you must register a password of 6 digits. This password will be required each time the application is opened, even to read the new messages that arrive encrypted.

New Contact

When creating a new contact will need to activate it. Activation is a 3-step process to exchange keys (automatic and secret passwords). In creating the profile (name and phone), one contact request message is sent. The recipient should install the application and answer to MySecreTxt request. Upon receipt of the request, the contact is automatically enabled in the system. If necessary, the confirmation request may be resent from the register of contact.

By Sending

Messages are typed within the application, in screen “Send SMS” or in the list of messages already exchanged between secure contacts, and sent through the native service of each operating system (iMessage, native iOS and Msg SMS/MMS, Native Android). The message is sent with the cipher text by the network operator and only will be decrypted by the MySecreTxt of recipient.


1. How the confidentiality of my message is ensured ?
The message security is ensured by encryption algorithms. Only the recipient can open the message.

2. I need to enter a password for each message ?
No. When registering a new contact, there is an exchange of passwords, and the password is also encrypted saved on your device. Each registered user has a password in MySecreTxt. The app automatically uses this password to open the message.

3. Why I have to enter the password every time I enter the app ?
To ensure that no one read the secure message, only you, for your total privacy.

4. Why the application closes and I need to reopen the app every time I change on the device screen ?
To ensure that no one can read the secure message, only you, even if someone else has access to your device.

5. Why in the iPhone sent and received encript messages are recorded and displayed by the native application of the device ?
Inherent feature of the iOS operating system.

6. When I make the backup procedure ?
Whenever there is a change in the register of MySecreTxt contacts or on periods of your choice.

7. When you need to restore a backup ?
When the app needs to be reinstalled. When there is an exchange of cell phone. When "All Clear" from the settings menu is used.

8. When you delete a contact, messages exchanged with this contact are also excluded ?

9. When deleting conversations with a contact the contact is deleted from the agenda ?

10. What happens when I edit a contact already registered on MySecreTxt contacts?
By editing is just contact name the contact is usually saved with the new name. By editing the contact phone will need a new password exchange because the phone number is used for only reference between MySecreTxt contacts.

11. Can I register more than one phone by MySecreTxt contact?
No. If you need to register two phones of the same contact is necessary to create two distinct contacts each one with only one phone number.

12. MySecreTxt Contacts need to exist in the common address book of the phone ?
No. MySecreTxt Contacts are independent of the common address book of the phone.

13. A contact already exists in the address book of the handset can be registered on the agenda of MySecreTxt ?
Yes, this option is available when you register a new contact in MySecreTxt.

14. A contact from address book of the phone may have different name in MySecreTxt ?
Yes. After selecting an existing contact in the phonebook, usually you can edit the name of the contact in the phonebook MySecreTxt.

15. What happens if I send a contact request insurance for a recipient who does not have the app installed MySecreTxt ?
When trying to open the message the recipient will be prompted to download and install the app.

16. The app works normally between the iOS and Android versions ?

17. After purchasing the right app will have future updates ?
Yes, automatically by iTunes on iPhone or Google Play in Android case.

18. What precautions should I take when choosing the application password?
Use at least 6 characters any. Avoid very obvious password. Try to combine letters, numbers and symbols. Memorize your password and avoid write it down. In case of loss of this password, the application should be reinstalled. If the backup has been performed the data can be rescued. If you did not file backup all contacts and messages will be lost.

19. How Backup works on iOS (iPhone)?
1º - User clicks on "Backup" and provide your e-mail;
2º - Application sends email with encrypted backup file attached (mysecretxt.bkp);
3º - User saves the file.

20. How Backup works on Android?
1º - User clicks on "Backup" and the app automatically creates a backup file (mysecretxt.bkp) in the root directory of the device;
2º - The user can save this file or send by e-mail using external resources to MySecreTxt;

21. How Backup Restore works on iOS (iPhone)?
1º - User sends email to yourself on the iPhone;
2º - User clicks on the attachment;
3º - Application opens the backup file and asks if he can do the restore;
4º - Application does the restore.

22. How Backup Restore works on Android?
The user clicks the option to restore the backup settings menu and automatically backup is recovered. For this, the backup file (mysecretxt.bkp) must be in the root directory of the device.


For questions send an email to suporte@mysecretxt.com.br

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Download Download


  • You are guaranteed MySecreTxt that only you and your contacts have safe access to the content of your messages.

  • Sending of secure messages via SMS.

  • Encryption ensures the safety of your message.

  • Password to access the app.